Dragon Lady Painting Tutorial

In this article I will describe how I painted the Dragon Lady model for Infinity.

Paint list - scale colour

  • Abyssal blue
  • Antares red
  • Arabic shadow
  • Artic blue
  • Blood red
  • Cantabric blue
  • Caribbean blue
  • Deep red
  • Dubai brown
  • Golden skin
  • Mars orange
  • Sahara yellow
  • White sands


DL Dragon Lady 10.jpg
  • The dress was first basecoated with blood red. 
  • A midtone of antares red was then applied leaving the previous colour in the recesses and unlit folds of the dress.
  • To highlight the dress I used mixes of antares red and increasing amounts of golden skin.
DL Dragon Lady 20.jpg
  • To paint the other part of the dress I first applied a basecoat of deep red.
  • I used a mix of deep red and a little abyssal blue to add some subtle shading.
  • I added highlights using mixes of deep red and golden skin.
DL Dragon Lady 30.JPG
  • The skin was basecoated with golden skin.
  • To add shading I first used washes/glazes of mars orange. On the large areas of skin I used very dilute mixes to ensure a smooth finish.
  • I added further shading using dubai brown.
  • A midtone of golden skin and light skin was applied leaving the shaded parts in the recesses.
  • A highlight of light skin and white sands was added to the brightest parts of the skin.
DL Dragon Lady 40.JPG
  • The hair was basecoated with a mix of cantabric blue and boreal green.
  • Shading was added with abyssal blue.
  • A broad highlight was done with a mix of the basecolour and caribbean blue
  • A final highlight was done with artic blue and caribbean blue.
DL Dragon Lady 60.JPG
  • To paint the umbrella I first applied a basecoat of graphite.
  • To shade this I used first abyssal blue then black.
  • Highlighting was done by adding artic blue to graphite highlighting up to artic blue.
DL Dragon Lady 70.JPG
  • The gold trim was done by first applying a basecoat of arabic shadow.
  • Highlights were done with a mix of arabic shadow and sahara yellow followed by tenere yellow.
  • Glazes of abyssal blue added shading.
  • Finally I added a few bright spots of white sands.

Here is the finished model.