Batgirl Painting Tutorial

In this article I will detail the steps involved in painting the Batgirl model.

Paint list - all from Army Painter's Warpaints range

  • Alien purple
  • Black
  • Barbarian flesh
  • Deep blue
  • Desert yellow
  • Grimoire purple
  • Lava orange
  • Moon dust
  • Mummy robes
  • Oak brown
  • Phoenix flames
  • Tanned flesh
  • Troglodyte blue
  • Blue tone ink
  • Dark tone ink
  • Flesh tone ink
  • Light tone ink
  • Purple tone ink
  • Strong tone ink
Batgirl purple 1.jpg
Batgirl 20.JPG

Over a black and white primer I first applied a base colour of alien purple. This was followed with an all over wash of purple tone ink. A second wash of blue tone ink was applied to the parts I wanted to be darkest.

Batgirl 22.JPG

A mix of alien purple and grimoire purple was applied as broad highlight on all of the upper facing surfaces. A second highlight was done by adding troglodyte blue and white to the previous colour. The purple was finished with an edge highlight using a mix of white and alien purple.

Batgirl black 1.jpg
Batgirl 24.JPG

The cape and leg detailing were basecoated with a mix of black and deep blue. This was shaded using black diluted with dark tone ink. Highlighting was done by adding more deep blue and troglodyte blue to the base colour. 

Batgirl 26.JPG

A mix of trodlodyte blue and white was used to edge highlight the black.

Batgirl yellow 1.jpg
Batgirl 28.JPG

The yellow was done with a basecoat of phoenix flames followed by a heavy wash of light tone ink. A mix of phoenix flames and desert yellow was applied as a mid tone to all of the yellow parts except the recesses and darkest parts. Desert yellow was used as a highlight.

Batgirl 30.JPG

An edge highlight of moon dust was applied to the yellow which was finished with a glaze of oak brown mixed with light tone ink into the recesses.

Batgirl hair and skin 1.jpg
Batgirl 32.JPG

The hair was basecoated with a mix of lava orange and oak brown, washed with strong tone ink, and highlighted with a mix of lava orange and phoenix flames.

Batgirl 34.JPG

The face was basecoated with tanned flesh then washed with flesh tone ink. A mix of tanned flesh and barbarian flesh was painted onto the face leaving the shading in the recesses. Highlighting was done with mixes of barbarian flesh and mummys robes.

The eyes were painted using black and white.


The finished model