How to Paint Rick Grimes from Walking Dead All Out War

Paint list - all paints from The Army Painter

  • Ash grey
  • Barbarian flesh
  • Crystal blue
  • Daemonic yellow
  • Desert yellow
  • Dungeon grey
  • Electric blue
  • Fire lizard
  • Matt black
  • Matt white
  • Monster brown
  • Oak brown
  • Skeleton bone
  • Blue tone ink
  • Dark tone ink
  • Flesh tone ink
  • Soft tone ink
  • Strong tone ink

Prime the model using a grey primer

Basecoat the skin using monster brown

Wash the skin using flesh tone ink

Wash the skin further using diluted soft tone ink

Highlight with a mix of monster brown and barbarian flesh

Highlight with skeleton bone and previous colour

Highlight with skeleton bone and white mix

Glaze jawline with mix of blue tone ink and soft tone ink

Basecoat eyes with mix of white and barbarian flesh

Paint irises with crystal blue

Paint pupils with black

Paint flesh tone ink around eyes

Basecoat hair with oak brown

Wash hair with strong tone ink

Highlight hair with monster brown

Basecoat shirt with electric blue

Wash the shirt with blue tone ink

Reapply electric blue leaving shade in recesses

Highlight with electric blue and white

Basecoat buttons with black and trim with monster brown

Highlight buttons with ash grey and trim with daemonic yellow

Highlight buttons and trim with white

Basecoat jacket with oak brown

Wash jacket with strong tone ink

Basecoat weapons and pants with black and dungeon grey mix

Stipple oak brown onto the jacket

Stipple fire lizard

Stipple desert yellow

Glaze with dilute soft tone ink

Highlight pants with dungeon grey

Highlight pants with mix of dungeon grey and ash grey

Highlight pants with ash grey

Basecoat axe handle and jacket trim with monster brown

Highlight with mix of skeleton bone and white

Highlight the weapons with mix of white and black

Highlight weapons with more white