How to Paint Zatanna from DC Superheroes

This tutorial will go through painting the Zatanna model from Knight Models.

Paint list

  • Beige red (vallejo model colour)
  • Cavalry brown (vallejo model colour)
  • Flat black (vallejo model colour)
  • Flat brown (vallejo model colour)
  • German camo beige (vallejo model colour)
  • Neutral grey (vallejo model colour)
  • Sky grey (vallejo model colour)
  • Abyssal blue (scale colour)
  • Golden skin (scale colour)
  • Mediterranean blue (scale colour)
  • Carribean blue (scale colour)
  • White sands (scale colour)
  • Dark tone ink (warpaints)
  • Flesh tone ink (warpaints)


Zatanna painting tutorial

The model was prepared by spraying with black, grey, and white primer.

The main parts of the model were basecoated as follows:

  • Black clothing and hair - flat black and dark tone ink mix applied as a heavy wash
  • Skin - beige red

  • Gloves - neutral grey

  • Shirt - sky grey

  • Legs - beige red, flat brown, and black mix

Zatanna painting tutorial

The black clothing was shaded with flat black using the preshading as a guide to the placement. Abyssal blue was applied to the rest of the clothing. A highlight of abyssal blue and mediterranean blue was applied as a broad highlight. An edge highlight of mediterranean blue and white sands was applied to finish the black.

Zatanna painting tutorial

The shirt was shaded with a wash of dilute neutral grey then highlighted with white sands.

The gloves were shaded with a wash of abyssal blue then highlighted with with a mix of neutral grey and sky grey.

The hair was highlighted with a mix of flat black and flat brown, then further highlighted with the first mix with a little white sands.


Zatanna painting tutorial

The legs were shaded with a mix of flat brown and flat black. Highlighting was done with a mix of beige red and flesh tone ink.


Zatanna painting tutorial

The face was shaded with a heavy wash of flesh tone ink. A mix of beige red and golden skin was applied to the face leaving the shading in the recesses. A highlight of golden skin and white sands was applied sparingly to accent the features of the face. The lips were painted with a thin layer of cavalry brown. The eyes were painted first with white sands then the pupils were picked out with a mix of abyssal blue and black.

Zatanna painting tutorial

The skull was given a wash of a camo beige and black mix. The first highlight was done with a camo beige and white sands mix. The edges of the skull were picked out with white sands.

The flame was basecoated with mediterranean blue, then highlighted with carribean blue, then carribean blue and white sands.


The finished model: