Hawkman Painting Tutorial

In this article I will describe how I painted the Hawkman model.

Paint list - all from the Warpaints range.

  • Angel green
  • Barbarian flesh
  • Bright gold
  • Chaotic red
  • Daemonic yellow
  • Desert yellow
  • Greedy gold
  • Greenskin
  • Grimoire purple
  • Gunmetal
  • Lava orange
  • Leather brown
  • Moon dust
  • Mummy robes
  • Oak brown
  • Phoenix flames
  • Pure red
  • Shining silver
  • Skeleton bone
  • Tanned flesh
  • Weapon bronze
  • Blue tone ink
  • Flesh tone ink
  • Red tone ink
  • Soft tone ink
  • Strong tone ink
Hawkman 10.jpg

To basecolour the wings I started by painting the lower third with a mix of oak brown and blue tone ink. I then painted the middle third, overlapping the previous colour, with a mix of leather brown and strong tone ink. The remaining third was painted with a mix of desert yellow, leather brown and soft tone ink. I then repeated this process to get a solid colour.

Hawkman 11.jpg

To unify the colours and add depth I applied the washes from the previous step, blue tone ink, strong tone ink, and soft tone ink, to the different sections of the wings. However, unlike the previous step I applied each wash without waiting for the different colours to dry. Instead I blended the washes at the boundary to give a smoother transition

To highlight the wings I used a mix of the basecolour and skeleton bone. The highlights were mostly applied to the upper edge of the wings.

Hawkman 12.jpg

The skin was basecoated with tanned flesh then given a wash of flesh tone ink. Tanned flesh was then reapplied leaving the shading in the recesses only. A mix of barbarian flesh and tanned flesh was applied to lighten the skin further. A broad highlight of barbarian flesh mixed with mummys robes  was followed by a sparing application of pure mummys robes.

Hawkman 13.jpg

Hawkman's helmet was painted first with weapon bronze followed by a wash of strong tone ink. Greedy gold was applied leaving an outline of the shading. A fine highlight of bright gold and shining silver was applied to the edges.

Hawkman 14.jpg

The leather was basecoated with leather brown, given a wash of strong tone ink, then highlighted with mixes of leather brown and skeleton bone.

Hawkman 15.jpg

The red cothing was basecoated with pure red then given a wash of red tone ink. Chaotic red was applied as a further shade. A mix of pure red and phoenix flames was used as a highlight.

Hawkman 16.jpg

The yellowing straps were first basecoated with several layers of phoenix flames. A mix of phoenix flames and lava orange was diluted with light tone ink and applied in thin smooth layers using the side of the brush to shade the yellow. This was repeated using a darker mix made by adding grimoire purple.  Desert yellow was used as a broad edge highlight following by a sharper edge highlight of moon dust.

Hawkman 17.jpg

The emblem was painted black then given a fine edge highlight of white.

Hawkman 18.jpg

The leggings were basecoated with greenskin. Angel green was painted into the creases of the muscles and the inner leg. A mix of greenskin and desert yellow was painted onto the raised parts of the muscles. A mix of moon dust and angel green  was used as an edge highlight.

Hawkman 19.jpg

The mace was basecoated with oak brown and gunmetal then given a wash of strong tone ink. Highlights were done using leather brown and shining silver.

Hawkman 20.JPG