How to Paint Deathstroke from DC Superheroes

In this painting guide I will describe how I painted Deathstroke.

Paint list

  • Abyssal blue (scale colour)
  • Artic blue (scale colour)
  • Caribbean blue (scale colour)
  • Flat black (vallejo model colour)
  • Hawk turquoise (warpaints)
  • Khador red highlight (p3)
  • Oak brown (warpaints)
  • Tenere yellow (scale colour)
  • Blue tone ink (warpaints)
  • Green tone ink (warpaints)
  • Light tone ink (warpaints)
  • Strong tone ink (warpaints)
Deathstroke 20.JPG

The model was primed with black, grey, and white primer.

Deathstroke painting tutorial.JPG

The main armour colour was applied using a diluted layer of hawk turquoise. The low opacity of the warpaints paints ensures that the variation in value that was created by the priming is still visible.

Deathstroke painting tutorial.JPG

The other colours were blocked in as follows:

  • Orange armour - khador red highlight
  • Straps and pouches - oak brown
  • Mask - abyssal blue
  • Weapons - artic blue
  • Undersuit - abyssal blue and hawk turquoise mix


Deathstroke painting tutorial.JPG

To add shading to the model I used several applications of washes. An initial was was applied over each area taking care not to allow any bleeding of the wash. 

  • Turquoise armour - blue and green tone ink mix
  • Undersuit - blue tone ink
  • Straps - strong tone ink
  • Orange armour - light tone ink

Once the was was dry I repeated the process but avoided the parts of the model I wanted to be brightest and instead focused on where I wanted the deepest shading.

Deathstroke painting tutorial.JPG

To highlight I used the following:

  • Turquoise armour - hawk turquoise and caribbean blue mix
  • Orange armour - khador red highlight and tenere yellow
  • Undersuit - basecolour and caribbean blue mix
  • Mask - abyssal blue and artic blue mix
  • Straps - oak brown and tenere yellow mix


Deathstroke painting tutorial.JPG

To finish the model I applied chips and scratches to the armour with artic blue, dark lined with a mix of abyssal blue and black, and added additional glazes and edge highlights were I felt it was required.


The finished model: