Deadman Painting Tutorial

In this article I will describe how I painted Knight Models' Deadman.

Paint list


  • Pure red
  • Blue tone ink
  • Purple tone ink

Scale colour

  • Abyssal blue
  • Antares red
  • Artic blue
  • Deep red
  • Golden skin
  • White sands
Deadman 10.JPG

Over a black and white primer I applied a couple of thin layers of pure red.

Using a mix of deep red and antares red I began to sketch in the areas of shade using the preshading as a guide.

Deadman 11.JPG

Using a mix of antares red and a touch of golden skin I establish the highlights.


To deepen the shading I used a mix of deep red and abyssal blue.

Deadman 12.JPG

I then applied a couple of very dilute glazes of pure red over the model to increase the saturation of the red.

Deadman 13.JPG

To highlight the red I added increasing amounts of golden skin to antares red applying each highlight to a smaller area.

Deadman 14.JPG

To finish the red I sparingly applied glazes of abyssal blue into the deepest shadows.

Deadman 15.JPG

To paint the head and 'D' sign I first applied a basecoat of artic blue. I then applied to washes of first purple and then blue. These were diluted using the quickshade wash medium and a little water.

Artic blue was reapplied leaving the shading in the recesses.

A highlight of artic blue and white sands was added to the brightest points of the face.


The finished model.