Black Orchid Painting Tutorial

In this article I will describe how I painted Knight Models' Black Orchid.

Paint list

  • Quinacridone magenta - Golden Acrylic

Scale Colour

  • Artic blue
  • Basic flesh
  • Golden skin
  • Sunset purple
  • White sands
  • Black
  • White


Black orc 10.JPG

Over a white primer I applied a basecoat of quinacridone magenta. Alternative hobby paints are Fuschia (scale colour), magenta (vmc), murderous magenta (P3). I added shading using a mix of magenta and sunset purple then only sunset purple. 

Black orc 12.JPG

The highlighting was done by adding increasing amounts of white to magenta.

Black orc 13.JPG

The black detailing was basecoated using black. Highlights were added using mixes of black and artic blue.

Black orchid 19.JPG

To paint the skin I first applied a basecoat of basic flesh. Over this I applied several washes of diluted indian shadow. A midtone of golden skin was applied leaving the shading behind in the recesses. The skin was highlighted with a mix of golden skin and white sands.

Black orchid 20.JPG

To paint the eyes I first applied a glaze of indian shadow to the eye socket. The white of the eye was painted with white leaving an outline of indian shadow. The iris was painted using black.

The finished model.